The daily facial RITUAL for modern MEN




          Advanced Marine Biology Foaming Mousse Cleanser is a gentle and conditioning cleanser that lifts away impurities

without stripping skin of its natural moisture.

The pure white foaming, rich lather will leave your skin feeling refreshed, exhilarated and energised.

€59.90 / 125ml










The SCRUFFING LOTION 3.5 of CLINIC MAN has been specifically designed for

oily skin.

It removes dead skin cells, ingrown hair and pores clogged.  Its antiseptic properties

limit the risk of infection due to minor cuts. It’s essential to have a clear and healthy skin

throughout the day.

€23.40 / 200ml






StriVectin ™ Power Serum, containing the patented NIA-114 ™ associated with peptides helps to fight against skin

aging and cell damage.

It helps to reduce the size of wrinkles, reduces the appearance of pores and restores skin’s radiance and luminosity.

Day after day Serum StriVectin-SD ™ target damage related to time and reveals a smooth face, bright as rejuvenated.

€79.00 / 100ml





                                                                            Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex is the perfect pick-me-up for the sensitive skin surrounding

your eyes, this lightweight, rapidly penetrating gel acts like a mini eyelift.

In addition to instantly firming, nourishing and re-energizing the eye zone, it also improves its tone

and texture, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while brightening and hydrating the delicate tissue and

soothing away signs of stress and fat

The perfect product for a translucent, even complexion with a beautifully matte, velvety touch.

€110 / 15ml


moisturize and protect


Hydramax + Active SPF 15 Teinted Lotion his easy-to-wear subtly tinted lotion gives a natural-looking healthy glow and is ideal for a  daily use.

Sunscreens defend the skin against the effects of UVB rays.

Available in three easy-to-apply shades: Sand for fair skin Sunlit for naturally golden or slightly tanned skin or Bronzelit for

  dark /olive or tanned skin 


Patented innovation: Physio-Active Hydration acts at the very heart of the skin in order to boost the dynamics of skin hydration.

€49.50 / 40ml


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